PLAY THE GUITAR Theory & Application Vol. 2

PLAY THE GUITAR Theory & Application Vol. 2


Play the Guitar Vol. 2 Theory and Application is a unique book in which you will learn musical theory in a logical progression from the most basic concepts to an advanced understanding of how things “fit together” and work. In this book you will learn a given concept and immediately learn how it is applied to the guitar. This book can be used for self instruction as well as class or private instruction. 

In this book you will learn: 

  •          Intervals – How notes relate to one another
  •          Major scale construction
  •          Major and Relative Minor keys
  •          The Cycle of 4ths/5ths
  •          Chord construction – How chords are made
  •          How to master chord fingerings on the guitar
  •          Triad and 7th Chord inversions
  •          Arpeggios- How to play them and how to use them
  •          How to harmonize the Major scale 
  •          How to analyze major and minor chord progressions
  •          2-5-1 Progressions (and variations of)
  •          Flat 5th substitution- What it is and how to use it
  •          How to apply chord extensions and alterations 
  •          Modes of Major, Melodic, and Harmonic Minor scales
  •          Fingerings for Major, Melodic, and Harmonic scales
  •          Fingerings for Diminished and Whole Tone scales
  •          How to apply scales to chords
  •          How to develop your ear 


                                           And much, much more!


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