PLAY THE GUITAR The Basics & Beyond Vol. 1

PLAY THE GUITAR The Basics & Beyond Vol. 1


Play the Guitar Vol. 1 The Basics and Beyond is a practical guide for learning how to play the guitar.  It can be used for self instruction as well as classroom or private instruction. This book will help you to become the guitarist you strive to be regardless of what style or styles you hope to be able to play.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to tune the guitar 
  • How to read tablature and chord diagrams 
  • Open positions and movable chord fingerings 
  • How to transition smoothly and efficiently from chord to chord
  • Rhythm guitar playing (strumming patterns and techniques)
  • Commonly used chord progressions 
  • Technical exercises for both hands
  • Picking with a pick 
  • Finger style picking 
  • The location of notes on the fret board 
  • Basic chord substitution 
  • How Pentatonic and Major scales are constructed
  • Pentatonic scale fingerings
  • Blues scale fingerings     
  • Major scale fingerings
  • Exercises for practicing scales 
  • How to improvise with the scales over chord progressions
  • How to transpose chord progressions 

                          And much, much more!

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